Friday, April 22, 2016

Hey, hey, it's our B-Earthday

That's right! Nine years ago, Earthday 2007, the Ecobirder blog began. So to celebrate I give you a 2015 Year in Review.  

Barred Owl
I photographed this barred owl at the Minnehaha Falls dog park early in the year.

Cedar Waxwing
While photographing the barred owl at the dog park I ran into a small flock of cedar waxwings.

Bald eagle
 In the fall I often travel to the southeast corner of Minnesota, near Brownsville, to photograph migrating tundra swans and bald eagles.

Eastern Bluebird
 While photographing great horned owls early in spring bluebirds migated back into the area.

White Pelican
 I got this white pelican taking off while I was photographing swans and eagles near Brownsville.

Pileated Woodpecker
 There is a lot of old growth near where the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers converge. This is perfect habitat for the pileated woodpecker.

Trumpeter Swans
 During the summer I usually spend a good deal of time at Crex Meadows in Wisconsin. They usually have several pairs of nesting trumpeter swans which are fun to photograph when they have cygnets.

Yellow Ladyslipper
 While photographing dragonflies at the Ridges Sanctuary in Door County Wisconsin I found this yellow lady slipper. This is the only lady slipper that I have found in the wild.

Big Horn Ram
Our big trip of the year in 2015 was to Yellowstone in May. We photographed this big horn ram near the North Entrance 

Black Bear COY
We like to go to Yellowstone in May because it gives us the opportunity to photograph a lot of babies. In 2015 we saw a lot of black bear cubs of the year, which had only recently come out of the den. 

 Spotted this coyote moving parallel to the road on our way north in the park one morning.  

Red Fox Pouncing
In years past we have had the opportunity to photograph red fox at their den with pups. This year we did not get to photograph a den but we did get to watch this spectacular beauty hunt. 

Yellow Bellied Marmot
Marmots are very common in Yellowstone and will often pose for you. 

Pronghorn Antelope
On our way home from Yellowstone we stopped at Bowdoin NWR and Medicine Lake NWR. These are great places to photograph prairie birds and waterfowl. Every now and again you find something a bit larger to photograph. Such as this pronghorn antelope.

I hope you enjoyed some of my best pics from 2015. 


Margaret Adamson said...

WOW! 9 years! CONGGRATULATIONS Now ALL of these photographs are stunning and I am glad I do not have to pick a favourite as that would be nigh impossible alhtough I do love that baby bear as I have never seen one. Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to more post from you.

The Furry Gnome said...

Fabulous set of pictures to celebrate with!

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