Sunday, September 5, 2010

Common Pondhawk

The common pondhawk is a medium sized member of the skimmer family of dragonflies. As their name suggests they are often found around ponds but they can also sometimes be found near lakes or slow moving streams, particularly where you find surface vegetation such as lily pads.
For its size the common pondhawk is one of the fiercest dragons around. It will prey on almost anything that is their own size and sometimes things even larger, this includes butterflies, damselflies and other dragonflies. They usually attack ambush style from a favorite perch and have large spines on their legs which helps them handle larger prey.


LC said...

Very interesting and wonderful photos! L

Elaine @ Commotion said...

Love the information because I saw these on my last trip to the Refuge, but they would NOT sit still!! LOL Your photos are just beautiful!!

Maaike said...

great shots