Thursday, February 4, 2016

Bordered Patch Butterfly

Bordered Patch Butterfly
 The bordered patch is a butterfly found in the southwestern United States, Mexico, Central and South America. They are usually food in habitat such as desert hills, pinyon or oak woodlands, thorn and mesquite scrub, road edges and agricultural fields.
Bordered Patch Butterfly Chrysalis Shell
 This is what is left of the chrysalis once the bordered patch emerges. In south Texas, where I took these photographs the adults can be seen flying through out the year. Adults feed primarily on nectar from flowers while the larva (caterpillar) feed on members of the sunflower family.


Leslie: said...

Too bad they're only found in the deserts...I'd love to see one!

abcw team

Melody said...

how delicate those creatures are....and so vulnourable and beautiful

Have a nice abc-day / - week
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Liesbethblogt said...

Beautiful! I've seen them but that's in a zoo ofcourse. Nice info btw!
Liesbeth ABCWT

Roger Owen Green said...

That a beautiful creature


Unknown said...

Gorgeous pictures!