Sunday, May 13, 2007

Last spring bird walk at Wood Lake

Thursday May 10th was the last bird walk of the spring at Wood Lake Nature Center. A hooded merganser has made the unusual choice of nesting in a wood duck nesting box on the dock near the visitor center. Every time people walk on the dock the nesting box shakes and the merganser heads for the water. This evening was no exception. Here she is waiting for all of the birders to leave. I think that she is going to have a very long nesting season.
We spotted this Baltimore oriole near the visitor center. On past visits the orioles stayed in the high branches of the trees but I think that this bird was looking to audition for American idol. He followed us around for a while and sang to get our attention. I wonder what Simon wold say?
The yellow-headed blackbird that I had photographed a couple of weeks before was out showing off.
I even got a couple pictures of the new arrivals as the goslings drank at a small pool.
It was another great time at Wood Lake. The birding trips are over for the spring but they intend to continue them again in the fall. Keep an eye on the websites for more information on the fall trips I would certainly recommend them.

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