Thursday, June 23, 2011

Spirit winds, Approaching Storm by Poison 9901

I stood on the mountain top and watched the approaching storm

I watched in awe as It slowly took form

Lightning fell from the clouds in brilliant blue flashes

Knowing everything it touched would soon be turned to ashes

White clouds soon faded to shades of gray and dark blue

As the sky followed suit and took on and eerie yellowish green hue

The wind began to rise as I felt it tenderly kiss my face

With out stretched arms I welcomed its warm embrace

Curtains of gray soon adorned each of the approaching clouds

As if to be hiding secrets each possessed its own shroud

Lighting cracks in a brilliant flash, a tree explodes and falls to the ground

Tear drops from heaven slowly begin to fall all around

With arms held high I turn my face upwards towards the storm

Admiring all its beauty and the ease at which it could transform

Thunder rolled across the heavens with a deafening roar

Slowly fading away until it could be heard no more

Trees bent and swayed in the wind as if playing tug of war

As the winds stripped their leaves ever higher did they soar

Rain drops rushed together to form silvery pools of every shape

Each joining together as they hurriedly made their escape

With eyes wide open I felt my spirit had been lifted and set free

As those had before me like the Cheyenne, the Apache and the Cherokee

As I descended the mountain I felt your presence everywhere

And suddenly there you were riding across the sky on a great white mare

Chasing the storm a free spirit a guardian from the past


Pearl Maple said...

beautiful words to match a fantastic photo, nothing like watching nature in motion

clairz said...


Liz said...

Simply beautiful. Happy sky watching!

Liz @ A Simple Life

Sylvia K said...

Superb capture and the perfect words to match! Such beautiful, dramatic, stormy skies! Have a great weekend! Happy SWF!


Malgorzata Ingstad said...

I feel very tiny watching your shot! It is really great picture!

Steffi said...

Beautiful words and a great photo!Have a nice weekend!

Carola said...

That's a great sky, fantastic photo.

Esther Garvi said...

I think we can conclude that storms are great from the outside but not from the inside!

Kay L. Davies said...

Beautiful photo, and an interesting poem.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Jidhu Jose said...

nice shot

happy SWF


NatureFootstep said...

I see you have the label Yellowstone on this one. I have been here and I loved it. :)

Light and Voices said...

Lovely, just lovely skywatch Friday post.
Joyce M

D Herrod said...

The clouds look almost like they have been painted. Beautiful shot. said...

Amazing sky!
Great shot!

Laura said...

Splendid, spirit-filled image and writing!

DeniseinVA said...

A wonderful photo, so dramatic and the accompanying narrative fits well.

Arija said...

Great clouds, great shot and well matched poem.

TonyC said...

superb shot!!