Friday, September 19, 2008

My First Skywatch Friday

While looking around at some of my favorite sites over the past few weeks I have noticed a few of the sites that I visit frequently, Photography by Leedra and Wings n Things just to name a few, have been posting sky pics under the post of Sky Watch Friday. So I got curious and took a look at just what Sky Watch Friday is all about. It is simply blogs that post sky pics and then link back to the Sky Watch Friday site. A type of online social community. Since I really have been thinking that I would like to improve my skills in taking scenery picks I thought that this would be a good way to get a little bit of practice.
So nothing fancy to start with, just a sky shot from Wood Lake Nature Center that I took while I was out yesterday.


Woody said...

Welcome to SWF. Nice photo for your first post!

The Birdlady said...

Looks like you've been practicing already! This is lovely. Welcome to skywatch.

Luiz Ramos said...

Welcome. Thanks for share so many beautiful bird photos.
Beautiful sky.

Leedra said...

We just drag each other along with us on these new adventures. Glad to see you follow. Now...the goal is to get there first, especially if you capture that real exceptional sky photo. Good luck on that one! I was right on it yesterday when it opened and I am #36 this week. I have a better photograph for next week, so I am going to try harder.

The sky has been so blue with great clouds lately. I see it is the same with you, and you captured it well.

Bobbie in Hawaii said...

Welcome to SkyWatch. Your first SkyWatch photo is excellent.

Klaus said...

Good move - and you'll be finding a lot of birders participating.
Fun stuff all the way - from topnotch photographers like Scotty Graham (check Skywatch 9 on the Skywatch site) to just plain normal (but always fun) skies.
So feel right at home!
Cheers, Klaus

Arija said...

Welcome to the fold, nice gentle landscape pic to start with, glad you joined. Are all those pics on the slide show yours? Wish I had wolves near by.

nina said...

Very nice for "practice."
It's nice to have you here.