Sunday, January 3, 2010

Black Meadowhawk

One of the easiest meadowhawk dragonflies to identify is the black meadowhawk. It is the only meadowhawk in which the mature male has no red on its body. Mature males are entirely black where immature males and females have a yellow and black pattern. This is either a female or young male.Like most other meadowhawks the black meadowhawks emerges in the middle of the summer, mid to late July and can be found up into the beginning of October.
The black meadowhawk is circumpolar, meaning that it can be found in North America as well as northern Europe and Asia. Here in Minnesota it is found more often in the northern part of the state, there are currently no confirmed sightings in the lower third of the state, however many areas around Minnesota have not been adequately explored for dragons. I photographed this black meadowhawk up at Park Point in Duluth near the end of September.


Müge said...

Excellent photos! I hope I'll be able to (1) see and (2) photograph these insects in nature one day. Have a beautiful new week! Ciao! :-)

Gena @ thinking aloud said...

Hope this doesn't post twice - excellent capture, great details. Happy new year to you!

jay said...

Gorgeous!! I do love dragonflies. I'm not sure we have this one in England though. Maybe in a more northern part?

Manang Kim said...

I used to catch dragonflies when I was young. They are hard to get they are always on the go ^_^ but you got them with you lenses awesome photos. Thanks for sharing!

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CameoRoze (Margaret) said...

That 3rd is a great shot. I get squeamish when I get too close to the bugs!

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