Thursday, October 7, 2010

Clouds by Quentin Sands

Like huge puffs of cotton or smoke up in the air,
That is what I see when I look up there.
All different shapes forms and sizes just floating free and seem to be drifting,
I see a bird, a dog, a fish............ no, a hat,
There's another one forming I wonder what's that?
It might be a car a house or a tree............ this is natures show and guess what it's free!
Hey wait a minute they are getting dark grey and thick; what could ever be the meaning of this?
I feel a quick breeze pushing my face and it clearly means that I should start making haste,
It's still a good day and I feel proud, That I took the time to watch those wonderful clouds.


Pixel said...

Sky is a miracle of nature! Beautiful Shots!!

Pixellicious Photos

Sylvia K said...

I do love those ever changing clouds, the amazing shapes! You could lay on your back for hours and watch the cloud parade and never see the same one twice! Terrific captures as always! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Jossie said...

Wonderful. I see a turtle in the first picture.

Anonymous said...

Clouds are one of nature's marvels!

Joe Todd said...

Clouds are a great place for the imagination

Lakshmi said...

wow..and the words go so well with the pictures..I do like the last picture