Friday, April 13, 2012

Threatened Wolves.

Things look pretty bleak for one of the few large predators left in the United States, the gray wolf. Despite the fact that the number of gray wolves in the us is under 10,000 the federal government has taken the wolf off of the endangered species list. The wolf became unprotected in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan earlier this year. Now here in Minnesota the right wing tea bagger congress is already trying to pass legislation for hunting the wolf. Typically once a species leaves the endangered species list hunting is not allowed for years so that scientists and environmentalists can study the effects of taking them from the list. Out west things are even worse for the wolves. They are in the process of removing protections in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. In much of this area the wolf will be considered a predator and can be shot on site with out a permit or season. This means that the wolf populations that were carefully reintroduced in Yellowstone, like the one above, are a risk of being shot if they step a paw outside of the park. If you would like to help stop the senseless slaughter of wolves in Minnesota please visit this website


KaHolly said...

How does that make sense?

Pia said...

Wow a Wolve.... in wildelife?
Why do people fear him so much? Here he is back in some areas and he is -still- protected.