Saturday, June 30, 2007

Crex Meadows presents swan lake

On Saturday June 17 we travelled up to Crex Meadows to see if the trumpeter swans that we had seen nesting back in May had any cygnets. The first swan that we found did not have any cygnets but it did appear to be rehearsing it's ballet steps.
OK first lets see you stand on one foot. Good
Now extend your left leg. Good
Now face the audience. Good
Now look away.
Now dip low.
Now look to the sky.
Chin up. Chin up. Now hold it. Hold it. Bravo
Takes me back to my theater days, LOL.

We did finally find a swan that had a group of cygnets trailing behind it.

After a few minutes the mate flew in and joined the family.

I will post some of the other pictures that we took at Crex in my next post.

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