Saturday, June 16, 2007

Yellowstone day 6: Leaving Yellowstone

On the morning of our last day I had hoped to get to Mammoth early so that I could try to get some more pictures of the great horned owls there in the early sunlight. The sun was shining when we checked out of our hotel and headed back into the park for the last time this year. Unfortunately we ran into a bison jam in the pass between Madison and Norris and what would normally have been 30 minutes became 2 hours. After we were finally able to pass the bison herd we saw this male elk grazing on the side of the road and so we took a picture from the car.
By the time we made it to Mammoth the sky had clouded up. I took a couple pictures of the adult great horned owls, which I will include in my next post, and then we decided to take a quick trip out to Tower. We did not see a lot on the way to Tower, prolly because we did not have a lot of time before we had to be on the road back home, but while we sat eating our lunch in the Tower parking lot we noticed a group of people looking at the hill to the east. I grabbed the camera and scoured the hill and soon found Rosie and the cubs working their way towards the falls.
It was kind of a fitting farewell since we have seen Rosie every time that we have stayed at Yellowstone.
And then it was time to get back on the road back to real life. 8(

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