Thursday, June 28, 2007

I and the bird

Today the new I and the bird ( #52) comes out and I have sent them a post for the first time. I and the Bird is a blog carnival where people with posts or articles on birds or birding send them to a host who puts them together and links them in a post on their blog. I have done this in the hope that more readers will come to my blog and hopefully they will enjoy it and return. The host for this version of I and the Bird is The Wandering Tattler who does a great job of putting together a perfectly and delightfully normal post with the help of his friends Frodo Baggins, Ultra Magnus, Malfurion, The Maul Brothers Darrel and his other brother Darrel and Yoda. I and the Bird is organized by Mike at 10000 Birds who deserves a big hand for keeping the carnival going.
If you are visiting from I and the Bird I hope that you enjoy the blog and return again in the future. I also welcome your feedback.

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