Thursday, August 23, 2007

Overcast vistit to Wood Lake

Yesterday the rain stopped for a bit. The sky was still over cast and the light was not very good for shooting but I wanted to get out any way. So after work I went to Wood Lake Nature Center. All of the rain that we have received lately had flooded most of the low lying areas of the park so that it reminded me of a lot of the places that I have birded in south Florida. With very little light it was hard to ID birds let alone take pictures. I did find a green heron at a secluded pool but with the over growth blocking out what little light there was the pictures just did not turn out. Later I did find a great blue heron and got a couple of pics through the reeds. The paths were filled with little toads who had come to the high ground fleeing all the water that had flooded their normal habitat.A few monarch where floating around checking out the flowers. The board walk that crosses the water was filled with barn swallows perching on the railing cables.Most the time they would fly away as you approached but a few sat there and let me get close.

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