Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Riverbank by Graham Jones

Those silver shimmers on waters prance
As dragonflies enact their dance
Across the surface in nimble flight
For lookers on a pure delight

The water reeds now waft in breeze
To irritate the water fleas
That swirl about in clouds of grey
This riverbank in month of May

The moorhens squawk with young in tow
To paddle madly against the flow
As it twists and eddy's around the bends
To meet up with other feathered friends

To walk the banks a pastime leisure
For visitors a time of pleasure
The children glean with added interest
At what is surely natures best.


Sylvia K said...

Such a wonderful capture! Love the accent of the yellow flowers and the reflections on the water! Beautiful words as always! Enjoy your weekend!


Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Beautiful scene and photo.

Regards and best wishes

HansHB said...

A great post! Happy SkyWatch to you!

Alexander said...

Lovely and beautiful surroundings. :) Looks like it was a great day out too with such good weather.

Have a good weekend.

Alex's World! -

lina@women's perspectives said...

Lovely words and river view...

Linnea said...

There's a lot of depth and texture in this landscape shot! Very nice...