Saturday, November 2, 2013


For the past several years I have had the pleasure of putting together the calendar for The Raptor Center. Each year it has been a struggle trying to figure out how to photograph the birds, after all most of my experience has been with birds that do not sit still let alone pose. This picture is my favorite so far. This was the October photo in the 2013 calendar. The photo was taken in a small pumpkin field at the University of Minnesota St Paul Campus, where The Raptor Center is located. The UofM St Paul Campus houses the School of Agricultural and the School of Veterinary Medicine, which is why it is one of the few places in Minnesota where you can find a barn owl and a pumpkin patch. Whisper is one of our education birds. She came to TRC from the World Bird Sanctuary. The World Bird Sanctuary raises barn owls as part of a release program in Missouri but Whisper was slated to become an education bird.  


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Bird. Enjoyed your blog!

HansHB said...

A splendid photo!
Well done!

Anni said...

Oh, first off congratulations on the great achievement of putting together photos for a calender. Awesome

And you owl image perched on pumpkins...super.

Oh yes, and the post below this one,...of the pyrrhuloxia. Indeed its a difficult one to pronounce. Living in AZ for a decade, and seeing these, I used to just say to Bud...there is one of the "P" birds. LOL

The Furry Gnome said...

What a great opportunity!

genie said...

What a grand post he is giving you for the shot. It was interesting to read about what the University is doing with the owls.