Thursday, August 14, 2008

Old Cedar dragonfly

I apologize in advance for this short post. Today has not been exactly fun. After work I had to come home and replace the bathroom sink which has been leaking. Plumbing is not exactly my forte but I managed to get it replaced alright. When I finally finished I sat down to do some work on the computer but my main PC would not power up. Fortunately I have another PC that I can use but I spent most of the rest of this evening trying to get my main machine up and running. I am hoping that it is only the power supply so I will buy and new one and try replacing it tomorrow. For today I leave you with a couple of dragonfly that I photographed at Old Cedar Bridge at the end of June.
Common white tail
Male twelve-spotted skimmer.
Hopefully things will be back to normal tomorrow because it sounds like the weather is going to be very cooperative this weekend and I would prefer going out to staying home and building a new computer.


Leedra said...

The photos are excellent! As usual. Hope your weekend is better than your Thursday.

Bosque Bill said...

Ah, the dreaded home repairs.

Thanks for the photos, I just saw a dragonfly that looked just like that a couple days ago for the first time way over here in New Mexico. Was amazed at his white body. Also had interesting behavior of landing on the ground and not on a reed or stem.