Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Cloud by Percy Bysshe Shelley Part 3

Over earth and ocean, with gentle motion,
This pilot is guiding me,
Lured by the love of the genii that move
In the depths of the purple sea;
Over the rills, and the crags, and the hills,
Over the lakes and the plains,
Wherever he dream, under mountain or stream,
The spirit he loves remains;
And I all the while bask in heaven's blue smile,
Whilst he is dissolving in rains.


Arija said...

A pity that life is so short, there are many more clouds to admire than we can see in a single lifetime.

Chris said...

Beautiful picture and beautiful text as usually!

Caroline Gill said...

This is a great 'series'. I love the ekphrastic union of word and image.

maryt/theteach said...

Enjoyed the poetry and the lovely photo, ecobirder! I have something up about Think Green Thursday! :) Wonderful bird shots on you slide show!

Texas Travelers said...

Great photo and really good choice for verse.

Come visit,

DeniseinVA said...

Spectacular scenery and lovely poem, thank you.

Reader Wil said...

A poem is always a treat going well with a beautiful photo! Thanks!

eileeninmd said...

Simply beautiful, I love Yellowstone!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Great landscape and sky shot.

Regina said...

Beautiful scene and sky!
Lovely words.

Don Wood said...

nice words nice shot XXX Don

island timer said...

Ditto of allthe above. :)