Thursday, February 7, 2013

Upper Red Lake

Upper Red Lake is a beautiful lake located in north central Minnesota. I was up at the Big Bog State Recreational Area, which is very near to Upper Red Lake, last summer for a dragonfly event with the Minnesota Odonata Survey Project. I stayed up late one night to photograph the sun as it sank beneath the blue waters of the lake. Red Lake is divided into an upper and lower and is known for being an excellent fishing location. Red Lake is also known for a shooting incident in 2005 where a teenager opened fire in his high school and killed 7 people. A very sad affair that seems to be playing out too often. I think that the U.S would be a lot better off with less guns and more serene sunsets. 


Steffi said...

Such a beautiful photo for SWF and very interesting post!Thank you for it and have a nice weekend!

Laura said...

stunning image wow!!!

vincibene said...

Wonderful serene sunset! Thank you for the sad story. I remember that massacre. :-(

Spare Parts and Pics said...

I don't know how anyone could stay mad at anyone else if they got some of this "sunset" therapy! Nice photo.

Anonymous said...

A gorgeous shot!

amanda said...

I know many people who ice fish there regularly all winter, my brother included. But I have never been on the Red Lake Reservation. It is known as one of the more "unsafe" reservations in our area.
I'm enjoying that the sun is setting noticeably later these days!

Anonymous said...

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Mary Howell Cromer said...

Very beautiful, and I love the water reflection image above as well~