Thursday, November 29, 2007

Two special gifts.

Sometimes when you go out birding, nature will hand you an unexpected gift. This weekend I was extremely lucky and I got a couple. I started my weekend early, on Friday morning, because of the Thanksgiving holiday. As I was driving out on Friday morning the sky turned a bright pink with the rising sun. I pulled over and started taking some pics on the side of the road. It was prolly not the best place to take sunrise pics but the color was so fascinating that I had to get it on film.
On the other end of the weekend, I was heading home, from birding down in Iowa on Sunday, the sun had just slipped below the horizon and it lit the nearly full moon with an yellowy orangish glow. I found a good spot, a few blocks from home, that had a clear view and not too many distracting lights and took a few pics.
These two bookends, that nature provided for me, framed a pretty good weekend of birding and adventure but you will need to stay tuned if you want to hear about the thousands of tundra swans, eagles in the nest, rough legged hawks on the prowl, little kestrels everywhere or a special visitor from Asia.

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