Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Snow Geese

Snow Geese
Snow geese breed up in the arctic and subarctic tundra of Canada and Alaska. They usually nest close to a pond, lake or near the coast. They look for nesting areas that lose their snow early so that they can avoid some of the flooding that comes from the spring thaw. They winter primarily in coastal areas of the US and Mexico, although there is a large population that migrates to the south central US to places such as the Bosque del Apache where this photo was taken. They often stop to feed at farm fields during migration.


Anonymous said...

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Small City Scenes said...

Snow Geese winter over in our Skagit Valley. They estimate at least 90 to 100,000 birds in the fall and winter. I love to see and hear them. Almost all have flown by now just a few bands left here. I believe they go to Wrangle Island way up north. Beautiful birds. MB

Rambling Woods said...

great photo Jeff..I have only had one stop here on the pond once..Michelle