Friday, May 8, 2009

Tiger Swallowtail

I am really starting to get jazzed up about summer. The past weekend was gorgeous and we have already been flirting with temps up in the 80s. As exciting as that is I have been kind of dismayed lately by what appears to me to be a lack of birds in the area. I am not alone in my observations, last night at the Birds and Beers gathering several people also expressed their belief that this year has been quite quiet so far as far as the birding goes.
Even if the birding does not turn out as well this year as it has in the past I will always be able to find something to photograph and post on the blog. There was a slow start to the butterfly season last year, probably due to the late spring, but with the warm temps so far this spring I am hopeful that we will see more butterflies. The tiger swallowtails were difficult to find last year, with this one that I photographed at the Maplewood Nature Center in August being the first one that I saw last year.


Loran said...

Wow, what a shot! Great capture.

Shelley said...

Beautiful - one of my favorite butterflies!
Interesting in your area that the birding has been quiet. I've noticed in northern Michigan that this is the best spring activity I've ever had at the cabin and have seen many lifers.

LivingLifeToTheFullest404 said...

I really enjoy this shot as well... oh and as for my previous statement about hopefully getting an old camera of yours... I would pay you for one if you have an extra old one that you don't use, and my birthdays coming up soon as well hint hint :)