Sunday, December 6, 2009

Carolina Locust

The Carolina locust is a large grasshopper that can be found through out most of North America . It is called a black-winged grasshopper in Canada which is a more appropriate name since the Carolina locust is actually a grasshopper and not a locust. It is often found in sandy areas or on dirt roads where its color helps it to blend in. I photographed this Carolina locust at Crex Meadows in August.


Anonymous said...

You do get around and as usual have gifted us with a fine image of one of the small critters.

Your kitten is a cute one. My wife would be in love instantly.

teresa said...

Great photo! Interesting creature.

Unknown said...

Oh how cool is that!! Wonderful shot!! We used to live in NC...they tend to spit tobacco juice. Love the bug shots!
The museum I so want to visit..what a wonderful place!!

jay said...

I love grasshoppers! I might not love locusts if I were trying to grow a crop, but since I'm not ... LOL!

They always look manufactured to me, as if they've been built from Lego or something. Nice shot!

Eve said...

I've seen these little guys out in the sagebrush... they aren't too pretty to look at, but it's interesting how even their eyes blend in with their body coloring!

Great close up! :)

Dave Ingram said...

Very cool - I your insect photographs are excellent!

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