Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Cloud by Percy Bysshe Shelley Part 5

And the crimson pall of eve may fall
From the depth of Heaven above,
With wings folded I rest, on mine aery nest,
As still as a brooding dove.
That orbed maiden with white fire laden,
Whom mortals call the Moon,
Glides glimmering o'er my fleece-like floor,
By the midnight breezes strewn;
And wherever the beat of her unseen feet,
Which only the angels hear,
May have broken the woof of my tent's thin roof,
The stars peep behind her and peer;
And I laugh to see them whirl and flee,
Like a swarm of golden bees,
When I widen the rent in my wind-built tent,
Till the calm rivers, lakes, and seas,
Like strips of the sky fallen through me on high,
Are each paved with the moon and these.


KaHolly said...

This is a perfect sky watch entry today! I am enjoying the poem in increments, accompanied by your beautiful photographs. ~karen

lotusleaf said...

A romantic picture! I love Shelly's poetry.

Sylvia K said...

I, too, love Shelley's poetry and this is such a gorgeous capture! I do love that moon! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!


Wanda said...

What a beautiful poem. This is such a good combination of picture and words.

J Bar said...

Beautiful moon shot.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Pulchritude said...

so serene! beautiful bright moon.. happy weekend..

bluegreen butterfly said...

"lovers' moon"! :D beautiful shot..

Anonymous said...

What a luscious moon! Gorgeous shot - and lovely poem.

Lara said...

wow, this is one gorgeous capture! so clear and vibrant!

MarieElizabeth said...

Beautiful moon shot.