Thursday, September 1, 2011

Roaring Mountain

Roaring Mountain is a thermal feature located in Yellowstone National Park about four and a half miles from the Norris Geyser Basin. This barren ridge is lined with fumeroles, or steam vents. Steam rushing from the fumeroles is how Roaring Mountain got its name. Sulfuric acid from the steam has given the ridge its barren look. Leaving a bleached white mass of rock jutting 400 feet up into the contrasting blue sky.


Sylvia K said...

Gorgeous blue skies and what a magnificent place! Superb capture for the day! Fascinating information about how Roaring Mountain got its name! Another wonder of Yellowstone! Happy SWF! Have a great weekend!


Liz said...

Lovely sky! Happy sky watching.

Liz @ A Simple Life

Pearl Maple said...

barren is a good description, not seen a whitewashed clean mountain like that before

Judy said...

Looks like a disaster took place here, rather than a natural feature of the earth. Yellowstone is a magical place!!

Kim, USA said...

I like the contrasting color of the sky and the ground. They become perfect photo.

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Kay L. Davies said...

Sulfuric acid — scary stuff. I've never heard of Roaring Mountain before, probably because I keep meaning to visit Yellowstone and never do. I really must.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Keith W said...

Summer in the mountains! Very nice picture. Thank you!

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Nice photo.


Owlfarmer said...

Thanks for bringing back some very old memories. I last visited Yellowstone in the '50s with my grandparents, and have an old black and white photo of Roaring Mountain. Even though I was a little kid, I still remember a lot of the trip, and it's always nice to see bits and pieces of a remarkably varied ecosystem.

Alexander said...

I was wondering why the sides of the mountain is so bare, but you explained it well. :) Good use of the blue sky to add colour to the photo.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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