Monday, November 26, 2012

Hugh Ramsey Nature Center

Cactus Flower
 The Hugh Ramsey Nature Center is a city park located in Harlingen, TX. Much of the 55 acre park was once a landfill.  It was designated a park by the city of Harlingen in the 1970's but sat unimproved for twenty years. In 1994 a parking lot and loop road were added and a project began to restore the vegetation back to what it would have been prior to becoming a landfill. Revegetation continued off and on through the 1990's and into the 2000's.
White Peacock
 In 2005 Hugh Ramsey was combined with the Harlingen thicket to become a World Bird Center location. The entire park is called the Harlingen Arroyo Colorado after the Arroyo Colorado waterway which runs through both parts of the park. Although it is a World Bird Center Location I found it a great place to photograph butterflies, dragonflies and spiders. The numerous gardens, including two butterfly gardens, and water features help to draw in both birds and insects and make it a very beautiful place to visit.


Sylvia K said...

Beautiful captures and it sounds like a terrific Nature Center! I do love the butterfly!! Exquisite!

Anna said...

Gorgeous cactus flower and butterfly, Ecobirder!
Love it...
Warm greetings, Anna

Fun60 said...

That folwer is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Wow..that is a gorgeous butterfly!

Anonymous said...

Out of the Paradise.

Please have a good Tuesday.

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