Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Midwest Birding Symposium

Saturday, after the morning field trip, I went back to the hotel ate some lunch and took a quick nap. That afternoon I went to the Ken Kaufman workshop on the principles and pitfalls of bird identification. After the workshop I purchased the Kaufman field guild for butterflies so that I would have something for the book signing at 5PM. I already had quite a few field guides for birds but I did not have anything for butterflies. As it turned out I used my purchase right away. I decided to skip the second workshop of the afternoon and instead decided to go out on my own and look for more things to photograph. Since I did not have a lot of time before I had to be back for the book signing I decided to check out the small field that was between the hotel and the river. There were not many birds, it was just a small strip of long grass at the bank of the river, but I did find some interesting things to photograph.

common buckeye

painted lady

pearl crescent

familiar bluet

mating familiar bluet

The evening ended with the book signing, dinner and a keynote speech by Ken Kaufman.

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