Thursday, September 13, 2007

More shots from my Canon 40D

On my way home from Dodge Nature Center I had the fortune of coming across a broad-winged hawk hunting from the power lines on the side of the road.I got a couple of picture then he flew a bit down the block and landed on the power lines again.

I stopped to get a few more pics with a nice blue sky background behind him. He was pretty cooperative and let me get my car fairly close in order to shot him. I did not want to spoil his hunting so I got my pics and then let him be.
Broad-winged hawks migrate further then most raptors do. Their winter range is from Mexico to southern Brazil. When migrating they often travel in large flocks called kettles. A great place to observe kettles of broad-winged hawks migrating, is Hawk Ridge in Duluth, Minnesota. Michelle and I will be in Duluth on September 22 for a short birding boat tour on Lake Superior and if the weather is nice plan to stop at Hawk Ridge afterwards to see if we can witness a kettle or at least do a bit of raptor viewing.

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