Sunday, January 20, 2008

Holy Hummers Batman

Coming this February those of us who live up in the frozen north will have an opportunity to do some exotic bird watching while it is 20 below or colder out. The World Land Trust, partnering with Jocotoco and Puro, is in the process of setting up a webcam from the tropical forest of the Buenaventura Preserve in Ecuador. The camera will run with live feed on the World Land Trust's Wildlife Focus website for 12 hours a day, 11am to 11pm GMT, and then replay the footage at night. The webcam is expected to catch a lot of the avian biodiversity from the region including two species of toucans, over 10 species of hummingbirds, flycatchers and tanagers.

The webcam is scheduled to go live February 1st but in the meantime they have some recorded footage that you can try out. So on Minnesota days, like today, when you don't feel like running around in 13 degrees below with 30 below windchills you can sit back and enjoy the tropical view from the magical window of your computer screen. Make sure and check out the site at for more information.

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Nora said...

thanks for the great link for the cam..I will enjoy looking at it. Cheers.