Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Black-necked Stilt

The black-necked stilt is a common sight at wetland in the western United States. Their long reddish legs help them walk through mud flats and shallow water in search of aquatic invertebrates and small fish. In coastal areas, such as along the West Coast and Gulf of Mexico they are found in salt water estuaries, ponds and shallow lagoons. Inland they are typically found around lake shores, ponds, flooded fields and sewage treatment ponds. They can also be found in Mexico Central America and parts of South America. I photographed this stilt in south Texas.


Unknown said...

Beautiful bird! Now you wrote about the legs, I wish I could see them:)

Firas said...

Never seen a bird like this one you show us. Needle pointed beak with altogether a new shape and looks! Great shot :)