Monday, June 3, 2013

Old Faithful

The most iconic landmark in Yellowstone is Old Faithful. We usually stop by Old Faithful when we are at Yellowstone to photograph the birds that hang around but since there was a little bit of blue sky this year I took a couple of pics. Old Faithful was named by the Washburn Expedition in 1870. It is the most predictable large geyser in the world, erupting around every 90 minutes. This interval has increased over the years due to seismic activity and people throwing junk inside of the geyser cone. Eruptions last between 1.5 to 5 minutes with the boiling water spraying to a height of 185 feet. This particular eruption was not a very large one with more steam then water.


Fun60 said...

I'd love to see it one day.

Randi said...

Awesome capture! Such a beautiful place.

Richard Lawry said...

I was at Old Faithful in 1971 but missed the eruption as I was in the gift shop frantically trying to by some film for my camera.
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