Monday, December 21, 2009

Wisconsin Point Lighthouse

Growing up in the middle of the North America you can miss a few things. Like you do not find any mountains in Minnesota, the closest that you find are the Black Hills in North and South Dakota about 12 hours away. Your also quite a distance from the nearest ocean. I did not see an ocean until I was in my thirties. We may not have any oceans near Minnesota but we do have the next best thing, Lake Superior.
Lake Superior has the largest surface area of any lake in the world. Large ships traverse up the great lake from the ocean and pull into ports on Lake Superior like Duluth and Two Harbors. Along the rugged shore of the lake there are many lighthouses to help the ships avoid the rocky edges. This is the lighthouse that stands at Wisconsin Point. Built back in the early 1900s this lighthouse sits at the edge of the largest opening, there are only 2, in the long sandbar that runs between Duluth, MN and Superior, WI. The lighthouse was automated back in 1970 and as you can see was under basic maintenance at the time I took these photos.


Sylvia K said...

What marvelous captures! I love lighthouses and Lake Superior itself is so awesome! Your pics reminded me of my visit there several years ago!

Have a wonderful, Happy Holiday!


Dragonfly lady said...

I've never been to Lake superior I'll have to plan a visit. I too love lighthouses it comes from my year as a sailor!!

Dutchbaby said...

Beautiful compositions both. The colors of the water in the first shot are great!

Very interesting facts about Lake Superior.

Guy D said...

Lake Superior is gorgeous, excellent pics.

All the best
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Martha Z said...

A great look at a facet of your world many of us are not familiar with.

Jim said...

Great light house. I always love seeing them.
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Dirkjogt said...

I like lighthouses, nice pictures of this lovely lighthouse