Sunday, December 9, 2012

Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Oriole
The Baltimore oriole is a new world oriole that nests in the eastern half of the United States and southern Canada. They winter in Florida, southern Mexico, Central America and northern South America. Although they look similar, new world orioles are genetically different then old world orioles and are in the family Icteridae, which also includes blackbirds, bobolinks, grackles, cowbirds and meadowlarks. They primarily eat insects during the summer, fruit, ripe fruit in the spring and fall, and insects, fruit and nectar on their wintering grounds. The Baltimore oriole is not named after the city in Maryland, however both the city and oriole got their name from the English Baltimore family who's crest was black and orange.


Huldra said...

What a sparkling bird! Thank you :)

Chris Twyman and Angela said...

we are certainly being educated and entertained by your post

Arija said...

Ever since I read about the Baltimore Oriole, I have longed to see one. That was more than 50 year ago. Thanks for your picture.

lorik said...

I love the creatures you find! This one is the perfect choice for Mandarin Orange Monday! His colours are so vivid- vividly orange:)
Thank you for sharing him on MoM:)