Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What type of bird o you think of at the Holidays

What bird do you think of at the holidays? Is it a partridge in a pear tree? Or maybe it is a turkey, plump and roasted. How about a little black capped chickadee that might appear on the front of your holiday card. For me a part of the holiday's is the Christmas bird counts. This year the two that I normally participate in are both next weekend. I will no doubt see a lot of chickadees but maybe I will get to see something interesting this year. You never know.   .......   Happy Holidays!

Welcome to Tuesday Tweets! To join in the fun just post a photo of a bird and then link it by here by using the handy dandy link below. Then make sure you visit other sites to do a little bird watching.


Mary Howell Cromer said...

Chickadees certainly are cute during this season, or any season. The bird that I would most often think of during this season though, would be...the male Cardinal. They really show off in the winter months and seem to like to hide in our conifer, and Holly trees, which at times look like Christmas greeting card material...until I snap the image...of course~

Stewart M said...

Hi there - in Australia they have imported the idea of Robins as a Christmas bird - but many of the cards here show European Robins rather than our own. Strange really.

Cheers and thanks for lining to WBW.

Stewart M - Melbourne

Carole M. said...

....a sweet chickadee image

Arija said...

I hope you are not implying that chickadees are not special. To those of us, on the other side of the world who love them, they are very special indeed.

Have a most Happy New year with lots of birds to count and band.

Pat said...

Sweet little Chickadee!