Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Urbanus procne (Brown Longtail)

Brown Longtail
 The brown longtail butterfly is a member of the genus Urbanus, which includes many of the tailed butterflies. They are a skipper type of butterfly which puts them in the Hesperiidae family. They are mostly brown with some light mottling on the wings and tail. They are found grassy fields as well as tropical and subtropical forests from South Texas through Mexico, Central America and into northern South America. Their larval host plants are different types of grasses including Bermuda grass.


HansHB said...

Nice photo!
Happy WBW!

Roger Owen Green said...

Looks like an URBAN creature!
ROG, ABCW team

Luna Miranda said...

not as colorful but beautiful nonetheless.

Leslie: said...

Great shot!

abcw team

joy said...

beautiful creature:)

Carol L McKenna said...

Gorgeous photo ~ well done ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

Amir jamil said...

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tahir sumar said...

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