Friday, May 29, 2009

Off to a Better Place

Today at The Raptor Center we lost our education golden eagle named Andi. Earlier this morning she moved on to a better place.
Now before you get too sad let me tell you that she did pass away, because I know that is what you were thinking. The truth is that Andi boarded a plane this morning on her way to her new home in New Mexico. Andi has been accepted as the newest bird at the Zuni Eagle Sanctuary.
Although we will all miss Andi everyone is happy for her because the change will be good for her. Andi has been at The Raptor Center for a while but she has been mostly a display bird since before I began to volunteer. Some birds just do not work very well as education birds and she had gotten to the point where we really could not use her for programs any more. That is why this change will be good for her. The Zuni Eagle Sanctuary is the only sanctuary for eagles in North America that is owned and run by Native Americans. The tribe cares for the birds in a large free loft enclosure and then collects feathers which molt off for religious ceremonies. Andi's new home will give her a more room and since she will only be basically a display bird she probably will not have to wear falconry equipment. So even though I will miss having a golden eagle to show and educate people with I am glad that Andi will be going to a place where she will be able to be happy.


Martha Z said...

I hope Andi enjoys here new home. I checked my blue bird box after being away for a week. One dead baby but I think there were two more and they must have left the nest. I don't know if that is normal, to loose some of the nestlings.

Gaelyn said...

What a great move for Andi. Didn't know about the Eagle Sancuary.

When I was a volunteer animal keeper in Bakersfield, CA we lost a golden eagle that was a display bird. Buba was old and had cataracs. Us keepers wanted to give him a burial in the hills, but weren't allowed. Because of his status he had to be frozen and flown to DC for an atopsy. Yet we did bury some gift feathers. Always hard to loose one of these animals. But does sound like Andi has gone to a Better place.

Equidae said...

I hope Andi will be more happy in the new sanctuary. Educating the people is sooo important but sometimes I feel bad for the animals, birds or mammals that have to endure their lives in cages to educate us bummers!