Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cobra Clubtail

Cobra Clubtail

My favorite type of dragonfly are the members of the Gomphidae family, or clubtail dragonflies. They are named because many species have a narrow abdomen which widens at the end forming a club shape. The club is usually larger in the males then in the females and some clubtail species do not have much of a club at all. It is still easy to identify species that lack a club as members of the Gomphidae family because members of Gomphidae are the only dragonflies that have noticeably separated eyes. The cobra clubtail, pictured here, has a large club. The only species in this region with a larger club is the skillet clubtail. Like many species of clubtails the cobra is found primarily around rivers. I photographed this cobra clubtail by where the Snake River empties out into the St Croix River. 


Unknown said...

Gorgeous dragonfly shot!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

What a great macro shot! Thanks for sharing!

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Firas said...

Amazed at your shots! How you spot them is a real skill I guess!