Monday, June 4, 2012

Tuesday Tweets

Harris Hawk Family
The Harris hawk is an interesting bird. While most raptors are solitary except for mating and migration Harris hawks often live in groups of up to seven birds. These groups consist of both juvenile and adult birds of both sexes. They will often hunt cooperatively also. Harris hawks hunting as a pack are more successful then birds that hunt individually. Hunting in a group allows them to employ different strategies then would be possible for a lone bird, such as having one or two birds chase the prey while others wait ahead in an ambush. It is believed that this cooperative behavior may have developed because of the harsh desert climates where these bird are usually found, such as the south western United States, Mexico as well as parts of Central and South America.

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Nora said...

great shot and thanks for the info, I have been looking for some info on Harris as we have them at the raptor centre here.They are so beautiful....strange to see so many. cheers.

aviary for sale said...

Wow! Nice post indeed. I read the article and fascinated to know that Harris hawk loved to live on groups. Nice page indeed.

Black Jack's Carol said...

I learned a lot about Harris Hawks, and loved that photo. I will definitely return here.

Bryan said...

Nice shot of several of them together. They have beautiful red wings.