Monday, July 2, 2012

Tuesday Tweets

 Blue Grosbeak
It seems like every year some poor birds get mixed up and end up a log way from home. Last year's special visitor was a blue grosbeak.The breeding range of the blue grosbeak does extend north into North and South Dakota so it is not so uncommon in western portions of the state but here in the Twin Cities, where we are on the eastern border with Wisconsin, it was an exciting event. People from all over the cities and other parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin came to see the rare visitor.

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joanne said...

just love watching the birds, don't you? He's a catch!

Nora said...

we have had so many unusual birds this year arriving at our wetlands...Ecobirder how do you get those amazing shots, do you ever talk about your camera gear?? I have missed it...I have video for you today.