Sunday, July 15, 2012

Variegated Meadohwawk

Variegated Meadohwawk Male
 The variegated meadowhawk is one of the few migratory dragonflies that we have here in Minnesota. Usually we see a few in the spring and a few in the fall as they are migrating through but last weekend I found hundreds on a beach at Upper Red Lake.
Variegated Meadohwawk Female
Like most meadowhawks the male and female are different colors. The males are predominantly red, like many of the other species of meadowhakws, however the female variegated meadowhawk is mostly silver and white which is an unusual color scheme for a meadowhawk. 
Variegated Meadohwawk Wheel
Each year these dragonflies participate in a one way migration. Mature dragonflies fly south, some as far as the Honduras. There they will mate and lay their eggs before they die. It is their offspring that will begin the trip back to the north some arriving in Minnesota as early as April and May. These pictures where taken in New Mexico last November.


January said...

awesome macro! :)

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Gunilla said...

Stunning shots of these gorgeous dragonflies!

Pat said...

Great shots and info!

Shirley said...

WOW, I'm following your site as I want to learn as much about the birds and nature as I can. I will be showing next Monday a dragonfly that I captured in the garden. He was so intersting but I was unsure if he could sting! I am allergic to bug bites but I did get a great closeup. I love your birds..
Have a great day..