Tuesday, October 9, 2007

More pictures from Crex Meadows

Here are some of the rest of the birds that I photographed at Crex Meadows last week.
There are still quite a few pied-billed grebes hanging around.

Most of them were either on Phantom Lake or in the North Fork Flowage.A lot of american coots have migrated into the area.I saw two flocks of around 50 or more coots. One flock was in the shallow waters on the north of phantom lake.The second group was near the boat landing on the east side of the North Fork Flowage.I spotted a few greater yellowlegs in the Upper North Fork Flowage.There were also some greater yellowlegs near dike 4.Sandhill cranes are all over, with the biggest concentrations in the fields southwest of Reisinger Lake.On my way out I was driving south on County Road F, which is the west boundary of Crex and I spotted a male wood duck, back in breeding plumage, in the L Dikes mixed in with canadian geese.

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