Thursday, December 20, 2007

Winter birding at Black Dog Lake

Last week I made another trip to Black Dog Lake on Monday after work. It was pretty cold out but the sun was shining. At first I went to check out the north side of the lake. There was a group of trumpeter swans as well as Canadian geese dabbling by the shore. However my attention quickly shifted away from them when I spotted a horned grebe diving for fish near the shore where I was standing.
I followed the grebe down the shoreline until he went further into the lake. When I returned the swans had moved too far away to get any descent pics so I decided to go back and check the open waters in the river. The water near the spill way is usually open so it is a good place to find ducks and other waterfowl like this pair of male hooded mergansers.There was also an immature eagle flying around looking for some dinner.