Sunday, September 23, 2012

Riverine Clubtail Dragonfly

Riverine Clubtail Dragonfly
The riverine clubtail is a member of the genus Stylurus or hanging clubtails. I think that they are a little easier to recognize then many of the other species of hanging clubs because the males "club" is distinctively flat and wide. They range through out much of the Great Lakes region as well as parts of the north eastern coastal states. They are found in a variety of different river habitats. Typically the mature dragonflies perch high in the trees coming down to the water only for mating. This makes them difficult to photograph but I was lucky to find this one down in the tall grass beside the Straight River at the Riverbend Nature Center.


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Stewart M said...

That club at the end of the "tail" is very distinctive - these insects can be a real challenge to ID at times - so very little difference helps!

Stewart M - Australia

SeaThreePeeO said...

Wow, that is stunning!

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