Monday, November 21, 2011

Red-bellied Snake

One of the smaller snakes in Minnesota is the red-bellied snake, Storeria occipitomaculata. These harmless snakes only get to be from 8-10 inches long, compare the size to my hand in the photo below. They are a wood snake that is often prey for birds, mammals, and larger snakes. They eat worms, snails, slugs and insects.
Even though they are pretty plain looking and similar looking to the brown snake the scales on their under side are, as their name would suggest red or orange in color.


Liz said...

Beautiful shots. I'd still be afraid to touch them though. :)

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Carole M. said...

very colourful. There is a red-bellied 'black' snake here in Australia which is though, extremely venomous. Glad yours is a safe snake.

Jama said...

I would have freak out first if I see a snake!

Guy said...


What a beautiful snake, that belly is really a shock it is so striking.

Thanks for posting it.