Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dusky Clubtail

dusky clubtail dragonflyThe dusky clubtail is an unusual clubtail dragonfly that is found in the north eastern half of the United States and up into eastern Canada. It is one of a handful of clubtail dragonflies that does not have any widening at the end of the abdomen. The widened, or club shaped abdomen, which is what clubtail dragonfly are named for is not defining feature which identifies a member of the Gomphidae, clubtail, family. Separated eyes are what make a dragonfly a Gomphid.
dusky clubtail dragonflyThe dusky clubtail also prefers a different type of habitat than most Gomphids. Most clubtails are found around fast moving clean water, typically rivers. The dusky clubtail prefers a more stagnant habitat. Habitat like bogs, Lakes and slow moving streams with a sandy bottom are preferred.


Teresa said...

Fascinating information. I never thought about different types of dragonflies preferring different types of water. Great shots!

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Great photography. I've never had much luck capturing dragonflies... they're too fast for me!

Kala said...

Fantastic details and tones in these 2 photos.

Molly said...

Really amazing shots