Monday, August 6, 2007

12 point skimmer

I returned to the Bass Ponds of the Long Meadow Lake unit of the Minnesota Valley NWR again yesterday after work. On my past visits I have spotted a belted king fisher hanging around the ponds that I have been try to get some descent shots of. So far I have only got some shots from pretty far away as he has been pretty ware and not allowed me to get close. This is typical for most of the kingfisher that I have experienced. I was not able to spot the kingfisher at all yesterday but I did manage to get some better shots of a 12 point skimmer then I did on my past trips.
I also got some more really good shots of goldfinch in the thistle bushes but since I have posted a lot of goldfinch pics lately I have decided that I will hold those and post them some time in the winter when some nice pictures of beautiful yellow birds will be a nice pick me up.

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