Sunday, August 5, 2007

Green heron at Bass Ponds

While exploring the Bass Ponds of the Long Meadow Lake Unit of the Minnesota Valley NWR I came across this green heron perched in a clump of twigs in a small pond.I actually walked past him on my first pass and did not see him because he blended in so well with the group of sticks that he was on.Fortunately I was trying to get a picture of a 12 point skimmer, that I saw hovering down by the waters edge, and when I turned I was at a much better angle to see the heron.
I returned to the ponds several days later and found the heron in the same clump of twigs.The green heron hunts by standing completely still and then making a quick dart to catch fish, frogs or other prey. Sometimes green herons have been seen using bate, such as insects, sticks, or feathers to attract prey. This clump of sticks is an excellent foraging spot for a green heron. The sticks sit over the water so that they provide opportunity and camouflage for the clever bird.

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