Saturday, August 18, 2007

Alas a shorebird

For the past couple weeks I have been in search of shorebirds migrating back through the area. The conditions where pretty good with a lot of smaller pools being mud puddles before the rain started this weekend. However every where I went I could not find any until I went to the Bass Ponds in the Minnesota Valley NWR on Friday after work.
It was sunny when I left work but I knew that would not last long. The weather forecast said that the skies would begin to cloud up Friday night and that we would have rain all weekend, that was an understatement with a few people in southeast Minnesota dying in flash floods due to the rain. So I decided to get in as much outside time as possible. First I went to Fort Snelling State Park and got some more dragonfly pictures and some picture of birds a their feeders. Then I moved onto the Bass Ponds where I found this solitary Solitary Sandpiper.

He was scavenging the shore of the Minnesota river.There were also a few egrets hanging around.Unfortunately the light did not last long as the clouds started to block out the sun around 6pm so I headed home.

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