Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Storm

On Friday August 9th we had a large storm blow through the Twin Cities. At my house we had hail that was about the size of quarters. It was so loud that the cat got all stressed out and I had to turn the TV up because I could not hear it. In the Como Lake area of St Paul, where I work, things were much worse. At Como they did not get the hail that we did on the south side of the city but they did get strait line winds. Como park looked like it was the sight of a dino battle royal. Trees where snapped and down everywhere that you looked.There were also power lines and signs knocked down but fortunately I don't think that anyone was seriously hurt.When the wind is strong enough to snap trees like twigs I wonder what it is like for birds and other wildlife.Storms like this should remind us to support our favorite organization that help injured wildlife, with our money or our time. My favorite is the Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota, where they help injured raptors from all around the area. I will have to remember to give them another donation at their Fall Raptor Release.

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