Sunday, August 5, 2007

Green Darner

On Sunday July 29th I shot this picture of a female green darner dragonfly at the Blackdog unit of the Minnesota Valley NWR. Green darner are pretty easy to identify by the target like mark on the top of the head. You can see a little bit of the blue on the top parts of the target.
This green darner is a female. You can tell by the color of the tail. Male usually have blue tails where the female's tail is usually green or reddish-brown. She stayed in one spot and let me take quite a few photographs. I even took the time to switch between my 100-400 telephoto to my 100 2.8 macro lens. Maybe she stayed so long because her color blended so well into the bush which she was resting on. For more information on green darners and other dragonfly check out this site

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