Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Monday visit to Wood Lake Nature Center

Monday the weather was overcast but I decided to go out any way. The week before was pretty much a wash out, due to weather, so I did not want to waste an evening of birding if it was not raining. Since the area was still pretty wet from all of the rain I decided to go to Wood Lake Nature Center since they have a well kept trail system. The clouds blocked out most of the sun making it difficult to get any pics but I did manage a few.
The only bird pics that I took were of wood ducks. These have only recently started migrating back through the area.
There were several females and only 1 male that I saw. The males look quite boring compared to how they look in breeding plumage. I did not recognize that he was a male at first but then I saw his face, the eye is a dead give away.
I did see some other wildlife like this pair of turtles.

And there was quite a bit of insect life around besides mosquitoes, like this monarch butterfly.I saw a few white-faced meadowhawk.And I saw this big creepy wolf spider running down the boardwalk. There is not a lot of detail in the pic because it was dark and I was shooting with my long lens instead of my macro.

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